Friday, April 24, 2015

Studio apartment in the Annex, Toronto

Brief addition to my previous post:
This is the building in the Annex where we stayed. Our white, chunky, rented Hyundai Tucson can be seen peeking at the right-bottom of the photo:

And here are a few pics of the interior, starring Audry Hepburn, my cardigan and scarf, and Michael:

As I wrote in my feedback on Airbnb, the place was near-perfect. It was more spacious than we expected -- the pics on Airbnb don't do it justice; and there was plenty of room for all our stuff. Believe me, we had -- and still have -- lots of stuff. (I over-packed, surprise surprise...)

Incidentally: Before finding this place on Airbnb, I don't think I'd ever heard of The Annex, though this was by no means my first visit to Toronto. By now, I've heard it described as "funky", "old", "student-hippie-like", and assorted other adjectives. Whatever it is -- I like it.

All this seems like eons ago...
So difficult to keep up! But -- as I always say -- may that be the worst of my problems.

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