Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pri Mraku Guesthouse, Ljubljana

Briefly -- it was a pleasant experience:
The location is convenient -- easy to get to and from the highway, yet in a quiet street and within easy walking distance from the river and the hopping center of town.
The room was just right -- neither too big nor too small, neither too fancy nor too plain. Spotlessly clean and fresh. The a/c (or rather heating) just right. The breakfast selection had something for everyone.
And most important -- the manager, Mr. Matija Kafol, and his staff, were unfailingly courteous and helpful.

Here are 3 pics : two of the interior, one exterior.

Another great plus is the parking! See Michael by our rented VW Polo? He didn't just bring the car around... it was legally parked right next to the hotel, and the spot was saved for us while we were touring by car. No need to drag suitcases from far off parking lot, or squeeze in and out of awkward underground places.

What you can't see from these pics is the patio/garden restaurant, which we could see from our bedroom window but didn't actually take advantage of. By the time we got back in from our daily roaming, the kitchen and restaurant were closed. The hotel desk happily recommended excellent nearby eateries. But if you're too tired to even cross the street, there's no need to: Le Petit Cafe is right next door; it's lively and delicious. We sat outdoors once, and indoors the second time, feeling very un-Ljubljaners; these people seem to think that the interior of a cafe/restaurant is merely a necessary evil, without which the exterior couldn't function. But the place to be, to sit, to eat and drink, is definitely outside on the sidewalk. They also seem to drink (wine, wine, wine, beer, coffee, coffee) much more than they eat. While I'm huddled in my thickest sweatshirt, veering towards the nearest shelter, the locals are sitting expansively at the outdoor tables, enjoying the cool night air.

By the time we were ready to leave Israel, I felt as if we were the last of our generation that had not yet visited Slovenia & Croatia. Whoever we spoke to said things like "Oh, it's beautiful, you'll love it!" So I don't know if anything I have to say will be news to anyone. But in case you're one of the endangered species who haven't yet visited -- we concur: it's beautiful. Go visit. Ask for Simona at the Tourist information center... give her my warm regards.

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