Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Tapatio Took Me by Surprise

How come I didn't google it? How unlike me! I saw the name "Pointe Hilton", ignored the smaller print "Tapatio Cliffs Resort", and just assumed it would be your typical city Hilton -- large white building, large, well-appointed, comfortable rooms, good quality shampoo, conditioner and body lotion...

So as the taxi drove up the mountain and through the stone gates, around the water fountain, and deposited us at the entrance to the lobby, I was taken by surprise.

The place is huge. A maze of buildings, pathways, staircases. We're in building 12. By now I think I can find my way from "my" building to the lobby and back. And I've been to two of the 8 pools.

I don't know how to characterize the architectural style. Mexican inspired? Desert inspired? The colors are earthen, red, mustard yellow, brick orange. The palm trees are so tall they don't fit into the frame of my camera...

The heat, 40 deg C and above, is enervating. I slather on sunscreen, wear a hat, drink lots of water, try to stay in the shade, but still feel knocked out. The nasty sore throat doesn't help. But oh well. I shall overcome.

Today, in a couple of hours, is the wedding we came to attend. Mazal Tov, Michael and Amanda! So I'll stop here, go shower, and change my mind another couple of times as to the black-and-gold outfit or the shiny striped dress.

In the pool, with cousin Bonnie:

Cousin Sandy lounging by the pool:

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  1. OK - all caught up now on the blog. Enjoying it very much. The entries trigger a smile and even a chortle here and there. Hope your sore throat is a thing of the past and that you enjoyed the wedding.