Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre-trip Dithering

I'm dithering again. My natural pre-trip state.

Oh -- sorry. First of all: Welcome to my new blog!

My first blog, Take Nina's Word For It, is still alive and kicking. At least in the sense that it's metaphorically kicking me to get on with it and write, rather than dither and procrastinate.
But in honor of my forthcoming trip -- and I mean forthcoming, the taxi is coming to get me in a couple of hours -- I've decided to set up a new blog, dedicated to my journeys.

So here we go.
First stop: Ben Gurion Airport. Boring but necessary.
Next stop: LHR. A week or so in New Eltham, about which I've written before in Blog #1. The real adventure starts with the next leg of our journey, London > Phoenix, Arizona. Never been to that part of the States, and am looking forward to it. Hope to have interesting things to say about it.

Meanwhile, as I said, I'm stuck with my usual pre-trip dilemma of which books to take with on the trip. Though I have an unstarted Graham Greene, The Honorary Consul, I have imposed sanctions on myself: I may not read it until I have finished at least one of the two unfinished Greenes on my night-table. As I've said in some previous post, I can't bring myself to finish A Burnt-out Case because I know it'll break my heart; and I'm having trouble with Stamboul Train because, to put it bluntly, it's not very good, it's a drag, and ... but no, no spoilers.

So I've decided to fall back on an old love, the veteran masters of Sci-Fi. (Take note, colleagues Yael and Inbal!) My son Daniel pulled out several off the shelves, of which I chose the following:
Frederik Pohl - The Case Against Tomorrow
Robert A. Heinlein - The Day After Tomorrow
Larry Niven - A World Out of Time

And now, before you start sulking that writing about escapist reading does not count as writing about escaping to Arizona, I had better stop writing and go finish packing, or else.

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